HELLOCANADA assistance service for newcomers

HelloCanada Assistance Service for Newcomers

Useful tips as well as real support after you arrive in Canada!

Make it easier to get settled in Canada by taking advantage of a wide range of valuable information from our free assistance service for newcomers.

When you sign up for National Bank’s newcomers to Canada program, we offer you free access for 12 months to our exclusive phone service provided by National Bank Assistance Network.

SERVICE AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK, 9 A.M. – 8 P.M., Eastern Time (ET)

Get general information in the 5 areas listed below.

We can save you time by guiding you toward the right external professional organizations and institutions in each of those areas:

DAILY | Ensuring your quality of life

  • Do you know how Quebec’s school system works?
  • Where can you find medical treatment?
  • How do you go about finding a job?

Contact our assistance service to get answers to your general questions.

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LEGAL MATTERS | Helping you understand and defend your rights 

  • You want to cancel your cellphone contract, but it still has six months left to run. What are your options? 
  • What can you do if you’re dismissed from your job?

Canada has its own laws and regulations, and our legal information service is specially designed to meet the needs of newcomers.  Depending on the province, we can answer your general questions or refer you to organizations and specialists in Canadian law.

HOUSING |What you need to know

  • You’ve just bought a house and you notice water in the basement. What can you do? 
  • Do I need to pay a deposit when renting in Ontario? 
  • What if you want to buy a home while you’re renting? 

Our housing assistance service can help you understand the basics of housing in Canada. We cannot act on your behalf, but if need be we can direct you towards professionals who can.

PERSONAL FINANCE |The best way to manage your finances

  • Do you know how to fill out your tax return? 
  • Why is credit history so important in Canada? 
  • What savings options are available to you? 

Our personal finance assistance service can provide you with information to help you better understand and manage your finances at National Bank.

IMMIGRATION ASSISTANCE SERVICE | Making your transition easier

  • Do you want to renew your work permit? 
  • Is permanent residence the next step for you? 
  • How do you become a Canadian citizen?

Our immigration assistance service is here to answer your general questions and guide you towards immigration resources and organizations.

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