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Welcoming newcomers to Canada
with our specially designed approach

Did you recently arrive in Canada or are you planning to come soon?
We can give you useful tips and an extensive offer for newcomers to Canada2.


Banking offer that gives you access to
a wide range of benefits for up to 3 years!


Vehicle financing7 to make it easier
to get around this big country!


Credit card7 so you can quickly meet
your financial needsas soon as you arrive!


Mortgage loan7 accessible
to future residents when they arrive!


Up to 3 years of monthly services with no flat fee and unlimited electronic transactions

Welcome to Canada!

Moving to a new country can be a real challenge. That’s why we give you the time you need to get settled. At National Bank, you can enjoy preferred rates on a range of banking services for three years. 
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National Bank’s HelloCanada™ Assistance Service

National Bank’s HelloCanada™ Assistance Service6

Even though our website features amusing but relevant tips on life in Canada, we take our role very seriously when it comes to welcoming newcomers to Canada. National Bank Assistance Network has therefore set up a free phone assistance service that you can use for the first 12 months after you sign up for our newcomers program. This service is offered exclusively by National Bank so you can get personalized answers to all your questions, even the ones that have nothing to do with banking. It’s a helping hand you can count on!

Read more about HelloCanadaTM

Free safety deposit box and free set of cheques!

1st year rental of a small safety deposit box5 and your 1st set of cheques4

To enable you to store your valuable assets securely, we offer a free annual safety deposit box rental the first year. Safeguard your important documents and valuables to guarantee your peace of mind.

Start off right by ordering your first 100 cheques free of charge when you open your account. With a supply of cheques, you’ll be able to provide a sample cheque for an apartment rental or any other expenses. 



In Canada, your credit record determines your financial reputation and creditworthiness. If you don’t have a credit history, it will usually be difficult for you to take out a loan or apply for a credit card.

In that case, what can you do if you’re a newcomer to Canada and you don’t have a credit record here?

National Bank has found a solution for you by offering a credit card that doesn’t require the usual credit history. You can choose either the Edition®1 MasterCard with cashback and no annual fee or the Platinum MasterCard®2 which lets you earn travel points and benefit from a comprehensive insurance program. 

Come and see us at a branch. You can quickly begin building your own credit history.

Get your new life off to a good start!

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Take advantage of a preferential rate on an auto loan7 for newcomers. All you have to do is go to a branch and ask an advisor for details.

If you’re a permanent resident, you can access vehicle financing with a 25% downpayment.

Are you a temporary resident who’d like to get around more easily?

We can finance your vehicle if you make a 40% downpayment.




Do you want to become a homeowner in Canada very soon?

Given your newcomer status, we’ve updated our mortgage loan eligibility criteria to take into account your new reality.

Whether you’re a permanent or temporary resident, you can go ahead with your project to buy a property and quickly feel right at home. 

After you arrive in Canada, simply go to a branch for complete information.

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Practical advice, valuable tips and interesting stories! 

Are you ready to start your new life?

Here is some great information to help get your plans off the ground.

The ABCs of the Canadian banking system

The ABCs of the Canadian banking system

Do you know what a credit record is? What about the difference between a debit card and a credit card?
Newcomers: The first steps upon arrival

Newcomers: The first steps upon arrival

Have you recently arrived in Canada? Take a quick look at the important steps to ensure that you get settled successfully.
What surprised me about working in Canada

What surprised me about working in Canada

Choosing to live in a new country means making big changes to your habits based on your professional or family culture. Here are some of the differences noticed by a few workers after they immigrated.

Details of the banking offer


We have a special welcome for you

Save up to $600 over 3 years with our Newcomers Offer2 when you sign up for the services listed under Years 2 and 31.

The reductions and free features presented below apply as of the date the account is opened.

For more details, consult the terms and conditions of the offer.


Legal notes

TM HELLOCANADA is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.
TM NATIONAL BANK ASSISTANCE NETWORK is a trademark of National Bank of Canada used under licence by NBC Assistance Inc.
® EDITION is a registered trademark of National Bank of Canada.

1 You can enjoy a basic savings of $299.16 over 3 years if you open a bank account at one of our branches, sign up for the Newcomers banking package and keep these products for a period of 36 months. The savings over 3 years corresponds to: no monthly service fee for transactions included in your package for the first year (savings of $14.25/month x 12 months); monthly service fee of $7.13/month instead of $14.25/month for the second year (savings of $7.12/month x 12 months); monthly service fee of $10.69/month instead of $14.25/month for the third year (savings of $3.56/month x 12 months). You can enjoy the maximum savings of $614.98 over 3 years if you sign up for all the products and services in the Offer for Newcomers, perform all the required operations each month keep these products and services, and perform these operations for a period of 36 months. If, during a given month, you keep your bank account and package, but do not hold or no longer hold the products or services in the offer, or if you do not perform all the required operations, a monthly service fee will be applied, corresponding to $7.13/month for the second year and $10.69/month for the third year. You will still benefit from a savings of $7.12/month for the second year, and $3.56/month for the third year. A monthly service fee of $14.25/month will apply as of the fourth year. If you cease to hold the Newcomers bank account or package, no savings will be available from the moment you no longer hold these products. For more details on the conditions of the offer, see the section “Details of the banking offer” at nbc.ca/immigrate. Certain fees related to transactions not included in the Offer for Newcomers may apply. For more details, see the Guide to Personal Banking Solutions.

2 To benefit from this offer, the account must be opened during the first 60 months following your arrival in Canada.

3 For a complete list of the eligible electronic transactions, please refer to our Guide to Personal Banking Solutions.

4 Shipping fee and taxes are extra.

5 Rental of a small safety deposit box (1 1/2 in. x 5 in. x 24 in.) for a minimum of 12 months in Canada. After the fee exemption period ends, the regular fees in effect will apply. Some conditions apply, particularly concerning eligibility for safety deposit box rental. Subject to availability; details available in branches.

6 Phone assistance service offered by National Bank Assistance Network for 12 months starting on the date the account is opened. The content of the programs and the conditions described are subject to change.

7 Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank. Certain conditions apply. Eligible credit cards include: Edition® and Platinum.

8 Eligible electronic bill payments are payments made at ABMs, through digital banking solutions and by preauthorized debit.