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My Dream Retirement

To have a retirement that meets your expectations, good planning is essential. However, retirement is not just a question of numbers. It’s just as important to take the time you need to identify your aspirations and projects.

This document will help you to prioritize what you want to accomplish on a personal level during this important period of your life and to identify the steps you need to take to enjoy the kind of retirement you want. Based on your projects.

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Take control of your retirement planning

Take control of your retirement planning

Retirement planning requires careful thought about the kind of lifestyle you’d like to lead and how to finance it. Failing to plan is planning to fail. The watchwords are: Start early!

Advice and strategies

Whether you are about to retire, still in the workforce or simply a student, one thing remains certain: you should be thinking about retirement.

The information in this section will help you prepare or review your retirement plan.

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My Dream Retirement
Retirement guide

MyIdea: your projects start here

MyIdea is a planning tool that determines how much you would need to save for retirement and evaluates whether you would be able to retire at the age you want.

For any other project you’d like to carry out in the short term, MyIdea can also calculate how much you should save on a regular basis to accumulate the total amount needed. 

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