Useful Resources

National Bank encourages you to consult our interactive tools, publications and tips for creating sound saving strategies.

Interactive tools

National Bank offers you a number of tools to help you save. Try our interactive tools. You'll see how useful they are for planning your RRSP or RESP investments or even your dream retirement.

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National Bank has a number of publications that can keep you up-do-date on investment solutions or offer you investment advice. For an overview of the financial world, be sure to read Your Newsletter, Your Financial Wealth: The project of a lifetime, The Financier, Retirement Guide and Info Retirement.

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Advice and strategies

Find out more about managing your personal finances, RRSPs, TFSAs or retirement planning at a glance with our videos and articles.

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Financial information and markets

National Bank offers a number of tools to help you learn about financial news. Get the latest about the stock market in our market review. Consult our stock quotes, and analyses about the economy and currencies… you'll find a wealth of valuable information!

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Review of contracts for registered plans

To comply with regulatory requirements, National Bank has updated the deposit contract applicable to your registered plan. Click on the links below to consult the new provisions applicable to your Quebec LIF or LIRA. 

You can also obtain an updated copy of your contract by contacting TelNat at 1-888-483-5628 (toll free) or visiting one of our branches