RRSP Financing

With RRSP financing, you can:

  • maximize your annual RRSP contribution (example),
  • take advantage of unused RRSP contribution room from the past few years,
  • make an RRSP contribution even if you don't have funds set aside,
  • reach your retirement goals.


RRSP Loans

Advantages of an RRSP loan:

  • the preferred rate (variable or fixed) is lower than the personal loan rate and may even be as low as National Bank's prime rate (check rates)
  • loan terms vary from three months to 10 years
  • your RRSP loan is granted when you make your RRSP contribution (using the RRSP investment form)
  • you can defer repayment (for three or six months)
  • minimum loan amount of $ 1,000
  • quick loan approval in most cases
  • loan insurance (life insurance) is available.

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RRSP Line-Of-Credit

An RRSP line of credit is more flexible than an RRSP loan.

  • Minimum $5,000
  • You can repay your RRSP line of credit at your own pace.
  • You pay interest-only while you wait for your tax refund.
  • You can make regular RRSP contributions thanks to National Bank's systematic investment plan.
  • You won't need to apply for an RRSP loan every year.
  • Your flex line interest rate is usually lower than the rate on a regular line of credit.

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Flex Lines

Advantages of a line of credit:

In addition to providing the advantages of an RRSP line of credit, National Bank's flex lines allow you to finance additional projects.

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All-In-One Banking

Advantages of All-In-One Banking:

Do you have substantial unused RRSP contribution room?
Would you like to qualify for the best financing rate?
Are you looking for a comprehensive and flexible financing solution?
Would you prefer a leading financial management tool?

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