Private Investment Management


The National Bank Trust Private Investment Management service has been discontinued as of November 1, 2015.

For more information on the new NBI Private Wealth Management service, contact you National Bank financial planner or consult NBI Private Wealth Management page.


Offered by our subsidiary, National Bank Trust, the Private Investment Management service is for individuals who have considerable assets to invest and want a comprehensive discretionary portfolio management service. A team of managers is always working for you, to make the right decisions with respect to securities selection and in light of market developments. Our disciplined and structured investment approach proposes a dynamic, effective portfolio management style that yields results to achieve your objectives and ensure your peace of mind.

  • Minimum investment of $250 000.
  • The possibility of selecting the portfolio that best matches your investor profile.
  • Access to well-structured portfolios based on a methodology that establishes optimal combinations of asset classes, economic sectors, geographic regions and investment management styles.
  • The flexibility of working with your account manager to personalize your portfolio and establish a made-to-measure investment policy.
  • Strategic and tactical management that balances risk and returns, and allows adjustments to be made based on market developments.
  • Access to the expertise of seasoned portfolio managers who provide complementary management styles.

Tools at your service

Private Investment Management offers a high-end portfolio service that delivers what matters most to you: disciplined management of your financial assets—no compromises, no hype—using its own unique tools and competencies to deliver highly personalized portfolio management. Our priority is to make sure that you are always informed about the changes made to your portfolio.

  • We regularly send you comprehensive statements that include the personal rate of return on your investments.
  • We make sure you receive our quarterly newsletter The Financier, which features a financial market commentary and a detailed account of the returns of model portfolios in relation to market indexes, as well as the asset class mix.
  • We also send you semi-annual and annual reports detailing all the securities in the NBT Pooled Funds.
  • Through Internet Banking Solutions, you have access to a great deal of additional information on the management of your assets:
    • Your personalized returns;
    • Your specific asset class mix;
    • The details for each pool.
  • We believe in regular contact and encourage you to meet with your advisor on a regular basis.

For more information, read the Client Information Brochure.