Investment Solutions

Capital-protected Investments 

  • Fixed-rate guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)
  • Market-linked guaranteed investment certificates (Market-linked GICs)

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Managed Solutions 

  • Accumulation Solutions
  • Income Solutions*

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Mutual Funds

  • NBI Funds

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Liquidity Solutions

  • NBI Altamira CashPerformer® Account
  • Money market funds

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* The income solutions comprise, namely, the NBI Portfolios (R and R-2 Series). R and R-2 Series units pay monthly distributions made up of net income, and may include a significant portion of return of capital. Return of capital actually decreases the value of your initial investment and must not be confused with return on investment. Return of capital that is not reinvested can reduce the net asset value of the fund, and may lessen its ability to subsequently generate income.