Platinum Mastercard® Business Card

Turn your business expenses into rewards*

 -  Pay 0% interest on purchases and advances for
    the first 6 months

 -  Receive a $150 cashback when you charge $1,000 to
    your card during the first three months



Enjoy all the advantages offered by the Platimun Mastercard® Business credit card to self-employed workers and small businesses

Discover the advantages

  • Get 1.5 point for every $1 in purchases, any time and on all your purchases16 
  • Save by booking your vacation packages or plane tickets with À la carte TravelTM 31 and get a more advantageous rate when you redeem your points. 
  • Save up to 2.5% at UltramarMD1-8-9
  • Link your Platimun Mastercard® Business card to your commercial account to protect your company against overdrafts.
  • Choose your personal Platinum Business insurance program.
  • Protect yourself against unauthorized purchases thanks to the Mastercard® Zero Liability program5.

Get a chance to win 1,000,000 reward points!

Use your Platinum Business card to book your flights or vacation packages through the new À la carte TravelTM 31  agency—powered by Transat—before December 31, 2017, and you could win 1,000,000 reward points, worth up to $10,000.35

Contest Rules

Important information

Rewards plan

Insurance programs

Other benefits

Agreement Governing the use of the MasterCard credit card issued by National Bank of Canada:

Cardholder Agreement – effective July 17, 2017  [pdf]


*This offer applies only to companies that do not have a National Bank Platinum Business Card. To receive a cashback of $150, cardholders must charge a minimum of $1,000 to their credit card account during the first three months after enrolment. The cashback will be credited to the account within 12 months of enrolment. Cardholders will receive the cashback as long as their account is in good standing and has not been suspended or closed, and all the conditions of the credit card agreement have been met. The promotional 0% interest rate will be applied to purchases, advances and transfers for six months after enrolment. The offer is not retroactive and expires on October 31. After the promotional period, the regular interest rate will apply. National Bank reserves the right to end this promotional offer at any time without notice.