Service charges

Services that will be charged to your account

Additional copy of sales slip1


Additional copy of account statement1


Cheque issued for a credit balance


NSF cheque


Conversion fee for transactions in a foreign currency


Overlimit fee4
Fees for cash advances (per transaction) MasterCard2 credit card

National Bank ATMs and tellers


Other financial institutions in Canada*


Other financial institutions outside Canada*** 



* Part of the MasterCard Network or Interac Network** or THE EXCHANGE** Network.

** Trademarks of Interac Inc., Mastercard International Inc., Cirrus System Inc. and Fiserv EFT.  Authorized User: National Bank of Canada.

*** Part of the Mastercard Network or Cirrus Network**.

1 No fee will be charged if the request is made within 30 days following statement issue date.

2 Including: Edition, Syncro, MC1, Utramar, Allure, Escapade, OVATION Gold, Platinum, ECHO cashback, CAA Rewards, World and World Elite.

3 The calculation of conversion fees on transactions made in foreign currencies has changed (with the exception of ATM transactions). Fees of 2.5%, which were applied to the amount in US dollars, are now applied to the amount converted to Canadian dollars. Every foreign currency transaction (other than in USD) is first converted to US dollars at the exchange rate set by Mastercard Worldwide.

4 Fee charged once each statement period if the balance exceeds the credit limit on the billing date. Not applicable for the World Elite card.