Tips and Tools

Guides and tools for protecting your card

National Bank uses a variety of tools to analyze the purchasing behaviour of its cardholders so that it can implement advanced surveillance and fraud detection systems. These systems are designed to prevent unauthorized use of its credit cards and account numbers.

Sample measures:

  • Cards can be blocked if they are used at sales locations where fraud has recently occurred. This measure applies to all transactions—in Canada and abroad—that do not correspond to the cardholder's profile.

  • Unusual purchases are identified and measures taken to confirm whether the transactions have in fact been authorized by the cardholder.

  • National Bank has compensation policies in case of fraud and unauthorized card use.

  • MasterCard credit card holders benefit from MasterCard Zero Liability1 in the event of unauthorized use of their card.

Simple rules to follow:

  • Always keep your credit cards on you or in a safe place
    Many credit card are stolen from parked vehicles: never leave your credit cards in the glove compartment of your car.

  • Inform National Bank MasterCard of your plans to travel outside the country
    Are you planning a vacation or a business trip? Whatever the destination or length of your trip, remember to tell National Bank MasterCard before you leave. We'll put a note in your file telling us that out-of-country transactions may appear on your account. Call us at 1-888-9MY-CARD (1-888-969-2273) or 514-394-1427 to tell us about your travel plans.


1 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Visit for more information.