Do your banking on the Internet in complete security

Investors Group is an authorized distributor of the financial products of National Bank of Canada and some of its subsidiaries.

Whether you're an experienced Web surfer or about to become one, Solutions Banking encourages you to use your computer to do your banking.

Just look at what you can do without leaving your home or office.

  • Consolidated statement
  • Obtain bank account, line of credit, Solutions Banking MasterCard, loan
  • Pay bills online (up to five bills for a single withdrawal, with onlyone withdrawal charge)
  • Postdate bill payments for up to one year
  • Review your bills with epost
  • Transfer funds (online or postdated)
  • Make Person-to-person transfer of funds
  • Review past transactions involving your accounts (last 90 days)
  • Export data to a financial program
  • Order personal cheques
  • Enter a change of address
  • Obtain a line of credit
  • Make investments and contribute to an RRSP
  • Send e-mail messages

Note: Overdraft protection applies to the account to be debited for all transactions done through Solutions Banking.

Guaranteed security

Using the Internet to carry out your banking transactions is as safe as using a banking machine. Your transactions are completely confidential. To know more, go to the ABCs of security section. If you prefer, you can go directly to the FAQ section to find answers to the questions about security.

Three months free of charge

To welcome you, if you haven't yet enrolled in any of the two electronic services, you get your first three months free of charge.

Important information

Before signing up, it is important to know about the conditions for use. That is why we recommend you consult the User's agreement section.

Ready to surf?

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