Make every day
even more rewarding

1% in CAA Dollars 
on your eligible purchases*


Earn 1% of the amount of your purchases in CAA Dollars®3 every time you use your CAA Rewards®3 MasterCard® credit card. Use your CAA Dollars to renew your membership, pay for your next trip, get free movie tickets and more.

Discover the advantages 

  • Earn 1% of the amount of your purchases in CAA Dollars
  • Get additionnal protection when you sign up to the Credit Card payment Protection Plan
  • Benefit from Purchase Assurance and Extended Warranty Insurance19
  • Protect yourself against unauthorized purchases5

Travel Protection Benefits19

  • Rental Car Accident Insurance
  • Car Rental Collision/Loss Damage Waiver Insurance
  • Baggage Delay Insurance
  • Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance
  • Trip Interruption Insurance

Credit Card Payment Protection Plan

Wouldn’t you like to know that your credit card minimum monthly payments would be covered in the event of a difficult situation, such as losing your job or becoming disabled? Sign up easily for the Credit Card Payment Protection Plan offered with your CAA Rewards Mastercard credit card. Learn more


* See CAA Rewards MasterCard Program Terms and Conditions

   Important information
   Annual fees    No fee
   Reduced rate1 fees    $29
   Additional card fees    No fee
   Minimum limit credit1    $500
   Interest rate on purchases1    17.99%
   Interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances2,3    19.99%
   Reduced rate on purchases1    11.99%
   Rewards plan
   Credit card with rewards plan16    Included
   $ in purchases = x points16    $100 in purchases = 1 CAA Dollar
   Insurance programs
   Insurance certificate    Consult the insurance certificate
   Zero Liability5    Included



Do Bridgewater Bank cardholders have to do anything to get a National Bank credit card?

No. The National Bank credit cards will be issued automatically provided the account is in good standing and the cardholder meets National Bank credit criteria. The balance on the Bridgewater Bank credit card will be transferred to National Bank free of charge. Cardholders will receive their National Bank credit cards and their PIN in May. However, if their previous card had pre-authorized payments with any service providers, the cardholder will have to notify the service providers about their new credit card number. Cardholders who would like to take out Credit Card Payment Insurance should contact National Bank Insurance. 

Once Bridgewater Bank no longer offers cards, any postdated electronic payments that clients may have set up will no longer work.

Will all converted clients receive a new card?

No. Some clients will have a National Bank account but will not receive a new card (depending on whether the account is in good standing at the time the card is issued).

Where can I change my PIN?

You can change your personal identification number (PIN) free of charge at any National Bank automated banking machine (ABM) or at any ABM in THE EXCHANGE® Network. National Bank is part of THE EXCHANGE®, which is a network of banks and credit unions. As a proprietary ABM network, THE EXCHANGE® is the only inter-institution, full-function ABM network in Canada.

When will I receive my first account statement from National Bank?

Bridgewater Bank will send you your last account statement in May 2016.  Please note that the payment for that statement will need to be made to National Bank. You will receive your first National Bank account statement in June 2016. 

How can I make payments to National Bank for my MasterCard account?

Clients who have a National Bank chequing account can choose any of these options:

  • Pay on the National Bank website after signing up for Internet Banking Solutions
  • Send a cheque to National Bank
  • Pay at any financial institution’s ABM or branch counter
  • Set up pre-authorized bill payments

Clients who do not have a National Bank chequing account can choose any of these options:

  • Pay online through the website of any financial institution by selecting National Bank MasterCard as a new biller
  • Send a cheque to National Bank
  • Pay at any financial institution’s ABM or branch counter
  • Set up pre-authorized bill payments

Will the accumulation rate change for CAA Dollars and how can I redeem my CAA Dollars?

It will change for some clients. With the new National Bank CAA Rewards MasterCard credit card, clients will earn 1% on their purchases (equivalent of 1 CAA Dollar per $100).

To redeem your CAA Dollars, visit your local CAA Club to use your CAA Dollars just like Canadian dollars on virtually any products or services your club has to offer, including membership, movie tickets, travel, attractions and more. 1 CAA Dollar = 1 Canadian dollar.

I had BalanceGuard Insurance (Credit Card Payment Insurance) with Bridgewater Bank. Will it be automatically transferred to my National Bank account?

No. The coverage you had with Bridgewater Bank will end. However, you can benefit from similar coverage on your National Bank card. To apply, call National Bank Insurance at 1-877-871-7500.

The National Bank Credit Card Payment Protection Plan offers different types of coverage, such as disability, job loss, first diagnosis of cancer, accidental dismemberment and life insurance. The disability and job loss insurance covers the minimum payments on the credit card. For life, accidental dismemberment and first diagnosis of cancer insurance, the insured amount is equal to the balance on the last monthly credit card statement before the insured event, up to $10,000. 

I haven’t received my PIN for my new National Bank MasterCard credit card. What should I do?

You can visit a National Bank branch or contact us at 1-888-969-2273 to have a new personal identification number (PIN) sent to you by mail.